The TaBa Kashi Wedding Cheatsheet

The TaBa Kashi Wedding Cheatsheet

The Wedding Season is almost here! It’s the season for exaggerated sleeves, rich yet sombre colours and outfits that look stunning and let you move around with ease! This wedding season is all about being extra, looking fresh and feeling comfortable.

Whether you’re a bride, her sister or her best friend, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at what’s trending this season!


This year’s wedding season looks like Cerise which is a colour between Fuschia Pink and Red- it combines the richness of Red with the playfulness of Fuschia. This year’s wedding season also looks like a royal Emerald Green. We can promise you that it will make both your gold jewellery and your outfit stand out. Colours like Garnet, Ivory, Ombre and Lavender that look great in the daylight and also under artificial light have also made their way to this year’s wedding couture!


Blouses are a part of almost every wedding outfit. If done right, they can add just the right amount of oomph to your outfit. Deep V-necks are in but it’s the sleeves that are the stars of this season. Think exaggerated sleeves - long sleeves to show off the season’s gorgeous colours, off-shoulder sleeves that accentuate your collar bones, and Puffy sleeves to add volume to your ensemble! Then there's the Cape Sleeve that will make you look absolutely majestic!


It's not just blouses that are being dramatic, the dupattas have become more fun too. Brides can opt for double dupattas- one on the shoulder and one on the head, these two can be matching or in contrast colours and if you ask us, they are writing a story of their own!

Scalloped dupattas are another trend that have made their way in. They look quirky and absolutely stunning when worn!


This season’s lehengas are made of materials that are airy, comfy and lightweight so you can carry them around with a smile! Organza skirts with blouses that have detailed work or a jacket are enough to do the trick!

Monochrome Lehengas are taking a leave to make way for Colour-blocked lehengas. It’s finally time for the mismatched to shine!

Dressy gowns in hybrid silhouettes that combine Western and Indian Influences are also in! They combine the comfort of a dress with the ethnic Indian look while allowing you to move around like a breeze.


Yes, you heard us! Belts are now a part of the traditional ensemble! They can be worn with your sarees, gowns, lehengas and even anarkalis. They’ll hold your outfit together and also make you look plain awesome!

The TaBa touch

The best part about wearing a Benarasi saree to a wedding is that it’s timeless! You can never go wrong with a Benarasi saree unless of course, you don’t wear it. You can pair it up with a belt, an exaggerated blouse and if you’re a bride wearing it to your nuptials, even with Double Dupattas.

Here are 5 of our must-have sarees for this wedding season!

‘Ila’ Pure Beige Katan Silk Saree

Nail that Vintage classic look with a pop of Rani Pink is our Pure Soft Katan Silk Saree in a hue of Beige woven intricately in an exquisite Kadua Buti pattern.

'Kumbhi' Peach and Pink Shaded Pure Khadi Georgette Saree

Handcrafted in Pure Khadi Georgette, this saree is hued in peach with a pink shade and woven in a pain-stakingly intricate Gharchola pattern. The perfect saree to get festive with your family!

'Sitar' White Katan Silk Saree

Our Katan Silk Saree in Ivory hue with Crimson border and pallu adorned with handwoven traditional Buta. Wear it with your favourite gold statement earrings and bangles.

'Neel' Royal Blue Katan Silk Saree

Our Katan Silk Saree in Royal Blue color speckled with handwoven fekua buti all over and broad border. Pair this with your favourite gold set and you’re good to go!

'Gulal' Pink Katan Silk Saree

Our Katan Silk Saree in Dhoop Chav colour adorned with handwoven Paithani border pallu with small buti all over. This saree is the perfect balance of quirk meets tradition!

So go on, and slay your wedding looks. Do tell us what your outfit plans are in the comments below!


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