The Magic of Timeless Benarasis

The Magic of Timeless Benarasis

What goes around, comes around. 

This is true not only for karma but also for fashion. Fashion trends are cyclical - what was seen in the early 1900s, are resurfacing – the bell bottoms, short kurtis, patiala pants, and of course, the timeless Benarasi sarees. So do not be surprised if you spotted a picture of your mom, in her heyday, wearing something that is suddenly ‘trending’ these days!

Benarasi sarees made in the ancient city of Varanasi (also known as Benaras) have been believed to be amongst the finest sarees in India, known for their exquisite gold and silver brocade or zari work, fine silk, and luxurious embroidery. Whether it is the Kora Benarasi, Pashmina Benarasi, Traditional Benarasi, or the Tanchoi Benarasi sarees, each of these gorgeous sarees has been woven delicately and handcrafted with zari, gota, and other such materials. The attractive designs of the saree have lured women, 18 and 80 alike. Even today, these sarees continue winning hearts. Over time, the Benarasi sarees have carved a niche by representing class and luxury for any special occasion. 

Almost like a status symbol, the Benarasi sarees have been considered one of the best wedding outfits over time, irrespective of the traditions followed, and the part of the country the wedding is happening in. Women have yearned for a Benarasi saree, and saved up in many cases, just to flaunt that one Benarasi saree whose gorgeousness is befitting of their D-day!  

What was believed to be the ultimate ornament, the Benarasi saree, has stood the test of time and gone beyond being just a wedding day aspiration for the woman. It is often found in the male wardrobe, adding a touch of traditional overtones. And that’s not all! Benarasi sarees and brocades have made their way into almost every closet as well as every home with the upcycled and recycled tapestries, curtains, table runners, pillow covers, and everything imaginable!



(Disclaimer: These sarees are not from TaBa Kashi. We love them nonetheless!)

With changing times and fashion trends, Benarasi sarees had taken a back seat, making way for the more modern and designer look at almost all weddings and special occasions. But fashion has come a full circle! Traditional Benarasi sarees that were worn by mothers are being passed on as heirlooms and being upcycled to become a stole for the daughter and a jacket for the men of the house, completing the metro-traditional look. 

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Perhaps the biggest source of mood board for the fashion-conscious is Bollywood/ Hindi cinema. Many actresses and famous celebrities have made statements by choosing to wear the traditional Benarasi silk saree on the red carpet or at their weddings/ parties. Legendary actresses like Rekha and Hema Malini, or the more recent ones like Vidya Balan, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, and Deepika Padukone have sauntered around gracefully, in their traditional Benarasi sarees on various occasions. At a recent award function, actor Taapsee Pannu, looked stunning in an upcycled dress made from Benarasi brocade panels, accessorized perfectly with just a pair of heavy golden studs. Just another excellent example of how versatile the Benarasi sarees and brocades are that can be paired so well with any modern look as well.


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The men obviously do not want to be left behind in this whole traditional Indian attire fashion game! Taking inspiration from Bollywood heartthrobs like Ranveer Singh who is known for his audacious and eccentric style, interestingly, men are increasingly seen experimenting with the Benarasi zari brocades on their jackets and Indian kurtas. Pairing simple silk kurtas with a heavy Benarasi brocade jacket or embellishing a kurta with some brocade parts put together as a design seems to be quite in vogue nowadays. The more experimentative look has been explored by some of the men who have been seen sporting the traditional Benarasi saree as a dhoti with a smart coat. 


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Seeing the dynamic ways this saree is evolving over the years, in spite of being able to retain its traditional appeal, makes one sure that Benarasis will never be out of fashion, and will continue to lure people with its timeless magic! 


If you have a wedding coming up, or just want to experience the pride of buying your own Benarasi saree, click here to enter the magical world of Benaras.


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