Tailor it to Perfection!

Tailor it to Perfection!

Hello, lovely ladies of TaBa! We hope you have been great in the past month. While the popular choice for the wedding season was gorgeous sarees with elegant accessories, some of you ladies may have resorted to your trusted tailors to create the lehenga of your dreams. This is a very good practice if you want your outfits to feel like they are right out of your dreams, and well within an affordable budget. But as always, we have some of our tips to offer, only to make your work much easier.



  • First and foremost, choosing the correct fabric for the lehenga is a very important factor. Since it is a long-term investment, you need to understand that the fabric should be suitable for the weather and design you choose and not make you feel uncomfortable.



  • The colour and pattern of the fabric should complement you in every possible way. Find the best fabric among all the others in the market. 

  • Once the fabric is decided, it is important to focus on the length of the lehenga. If you are one of the bridesmaids and have important responsibilities to attend to, we would suggest keeping  the length right up to your ankles. Never trip and drop your crown, Queen! In light of the same matter, if you choose to wear a pair of heels, the length can be slightly longer. But if you are going for comfortable flats or juttis then you can  shorten the length of your lehenga, up to the ankles.



  • You also need to remember that the lehenga should be designed in a versatile manner so that you can pair it with any kind of blouses, ethnic shirts or tops, to bring out a different look each time you choose to wear it for an occasion.



  • The most important advice for the last: while getting your own lehenga tailored, remember to look for the recent trends before you decide on a fabric or a style. Understand what trends are in the market and how they will suit you, and only then proceed forth. 
  • Steal all the glances and be the talk of every event you show up at. 

We sincerely hope these advices will be helpful before you set out for your next trip to darzi chacha, and if you have some inputs of your own, do let us know! Share with us your experience of stitching your own lehenga and tell us how you wish to make a difference. 

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