It's a colourful affair- The Unique Banarasi Holi | Taba Kashi

It's a colourful affair- The Unique Banarasi Holi | Taba Kashi

Description- being the Land of Shiva, Banaras celebrates holi in its own way. Be as vibrant as Banaras with a special edition of Taba Kashi Banarasi Saree.

Hello, all you gorgeous ladies! Did you have a great Holi just like we did? Allow us to paint a picture of how Banaras transforms for the festival of colours. 



Banaras is not only famous for its Shiv Ratri, but Holi is a big deal too. The festival of colours is celebrated all around our city of lights, and has a unique touch to it. So, days before Holi, Banaras witnesses a different kind of Holi, which is celebrated in the mahashamsaan, or the cremation ground. Known as "masaan holi", this is a ritual where Lord Shiva and his devotees play Holi with pyre ashes and gulal at the cremation ground. Banaras is the Land of Shiva, and this local tradition has been followed since time immemorial. This is usually celebrated on the day after Rangbhari Ekadashi, and devotees are blessed to be around with Lord Shiva. It is said that people celebrate death to attain salvation. Priests say that mentions of this ritual can also be found in Skanda Purana. Well, Banaras is a unique city, so we can't expect Holi to be normal, right? 



On the day of Holi, people enjoy to their fullest, with colours and water balloons and lots and lots of lip-smacking food! In the alleys of Banaras, small groups of people go around playing a dhol and singing songs of the festival, and they often wear garlands around their neck. The ghats are smeared with different vibrant colours that fly about and it's a beautiful scene to watch. 



When Banaras becomes this colourful, can we be far behind? If you already know the answer, great! We have brought together some of the brilliant pieces for your Holi parties, and the colours, oof! Vibrance is just another name for Nilay and Amulya, well it's as regal as it sounds, with LOTS of colours to explore! With colours showering almost from the skies, we have brought together Bahaar and Barkha, to tease your mind into getting hands on some of the beauties (and maybe we are successful?) With a mellow yellow from Amulya or a  vibrant and royal blue from Nilay, you can never go wrong. Each of the sarees have intricate designs on them and are perfect for any occasion. Carry a bit of Banaras ka rang in the form of our sarees, and don't forget to share your stories and photographs of Holi with us!

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