Caring for your Benarasi Sari

Caring for your Benarasi Sari

Famed for their luminous textures, magnificent brocades – with engravings-like effect - bright hues, gorgeous zari intricacies – dipped lusciously in centuries of culture – the Benarasi are unmatched fabrics.

Banarsi sarees are woven meticulously and are the crown jewel of ethnic wear. They are adorned with embellishments and ornate designs which naturally makes them heirloom pieces. Something to pass down to generations to come and with their delicate structure it's essential to know how to preserve them.


 These sarees are easily susceptible to damage due to environmental factors, staining and wear & tear and maintaining them can be quite tricky. Here are a few tips that can help you along the way.


Always ensure your saree is absolutely dry before storage as moisture can damage the fabric.

Always keep the saree wrapped in Muslin cloth or pure cotton which lets the air pass through but protects the saree from moisture.

  • Store the saree in a dark and dry place to avoid eventual fading of the fabric.
  •  Never apply perfumes, deodorants or other types of sprays directly on your handloom sarees.
  •  Avoid washing them too frequently as they tend to lose their sheen from over-wash. Instead dry them well after every wear and wear a few more times before washing.
  •  Before washing your sarees with soap, keep them soaked in salt water for half an hour. 
  •  Do not keep them soaked in water overnight, or even for longer duration as it may lead to discolouration
  • After soaking, rinse with cold water 2-3 times before proceeding to wash with a detergent
  • Never use dyes, bleach, harsh stain removers on delicate fabric. 
  • Do not use a brush, as it can easily tear the fabric.
  • Always use cold water. 
  • Do not use hot water to wash your sarees
  • Never wash your handloom sarees in a washing machine

While washing these handloom sarees at home can be daunting you can also put these in the expert hands of dry cleaners who can professionally help you in maintaining your favourite sarees.

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