Benarasi Sarees 2.0- Versatile Benarasi Sarees to Reuse and Recycle

Benarasi Sarees 2.0- Versatile Benarasi Sarees to Reuse and Recycle

Ever seen your parents’ wedding album where your mom and grandmom are bedecked in the traditional Benarasi saree? These sarees have always been a special something that every young girl from their generation yearned for. Do you have that family heirloom handed down to you from your mom or grandmom? Do you wish to use it but don’t know how to handle something so ‘heavy’? It’s time to give a spin on tradition. Time for bringing out and discovering the versatility of Benarasi sarees! Time to recycle and reuse Benarasi sarees! Time to get the traditional beauties to meet the modern-day fashion wear! Wondering how you can do that? Here's how you can use them to spruce up your fashion as well as amp up the style quotient for your living spaces. Many a times, sarees that are old and disintegrating continue to remain in our cupboards as a family heirloom. But not anymore! Bring out these sarees which can be salvaged in parts where the zari work is all intact. This can surely brighten up spaces in your house.   

1) Drape the saree as is but maybe differently. Instead of the traditional 6-yard drape, how about exploring a Gujarati style saree drape that brings the beautiful intricate ‘pallu’ of the saree in the front, accentuating it for all to envy and the wearer to flaunt. Another recognizable saree style is the famous Bengali style which has a box pleat at the front. Again, the point of highlight here is the pallu that comes from back to front on both sides. Even a not-so-common Coorgi style of draping the saree from Karnataka would do the zari boota work full justice and make it absolutely worth it! 

2) Recycle the saree as a long or short jacket to pair with a kurti.

Never worn sarees before but want to use the sarees with something that you wear often – kurtis on jeans? Recycle your saree to make short and long jackets to pair with plain coloured kurtis or t-shirts. Add the traditional touch to the modern look!

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3) Upcycle the saree to make Stoles or Scarves that go well with a t-shirt. 

After making a jacket, you will definitely have enough material to also make a stole or scarf which you can pair well with your casual as well as office/business wear. So, if you have a nice Diwali celebration planned at work where you want to give your office wear a nice traditional twist, upcycle your Benarasi saree to a beautiful stole or scarf.   

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4) Use the zari as borders for table runners and pillow cases. 

Why should fashion be restricted only to humans? Spruce up your home spaces with table runners and pillow covers made from refurbished Benarasi sarees. The butis of the saree can be paired so well with silk sheets used for the traditional Indian baithak seating in your house. You can also make these into pillow covers or bolster covers that completes the festive look for your homes.

5) Refurbish your sarees into rich curtains or drapes for your homes.

If table runners and pillow covers are not possible in your homes, that is perfectly alright. We have yet another option for you to add that classic look on your windows with restyled Benaras sarees made into beautiful curtains. Giving it the perfectly classy rich look, even simple curtains can be made to look many notches higher with just a dash of the zari from old Benarasi sarees.

In the present times when recycle, reuse and reduce are keywords that everyone seems to be resonating with, join the bandwagon and give those traditional sarees a nice twist! Let us redefine and rediscover the versatility of Benarasi Sarees.

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