Banaras: A Wholesome Experience

Banaras: A Wholesome Experience

Hello, dear ladies of TaBa! Hope you have been well and waiting for our blog this time. After the last blog with tips and tricks to tailor a lehenga, we have decided to give you a feel of Banaras. How, you ask? Well, on your fingertips, ma’am. We have been experiencing Banaras exquisitely since time immemorial, but all you ladies may not have gotten a chance to know Banaras the way we do. So, we have chosen five best documentaries on Banaras out of the amazing lot out there, which can make you feel Banaras right in your heart, no matter which corner of the world you are in. So, let’s find out more about the documentaries, shall we?

  • Subah-e-Banaras is a documentary by Moonlight Pictures which captures the essence of the mornings that we wake up to in Banaras. The documentary covers the golden mornings at the ghats of Banaras and the soul of the city that brings out cultural richness and spiritual feelings without fail. The video is all about feeling and experiencing Banaras, rather than just witnessing it. You can watch the documentary on YouTube: 



  • Being a historical city, Banaras has been explored by many just to understand the gravity and the magnanimity of the city as one of the most cultural, religious, mysterious, and holy places of all in India. The documentary by Sanjay Charan of Chhoti Film City, titled BANARAS : Older Than History, focuses on the city being a place unknown to many and moves ahead to capture the very essence of the holy city and make the viewers etch  the feeling into their minds. Watch the documentary on YouTube: 



  • When we talk about documentaries, National Geographic is one source that never fails to amaze us. Their documentary, A Whirlwind Journey Through Varanasi, India—and Beyond, is a piece that has been focusing on the six-week-long journey of filmmaker Benn Berkely, who shares his trip to Banaras on this journey. It is more of a short film, and will give you a broad idea about the authentic essence of Banaras, and leave you craving for more. Watch the documentary on YouTube: 



  • A Day in Varanasi India by Himalayan Archives is a soothing documentary that pleases one’s heart with the brilliant visuals of the ghats of Varanasi, and brings out the charming vintage essence of the city and caters to the audience in the best way possible, picturing the lives of the people of Banaras. Watch the documentary on YouTube: 



  • Like a day complete itself with serenity at Banaras, we have once again turned our hearts to the Moonlight Pictures and their documentary Kashi ke Wasi, that beautifully captures the very heart of Kashi and its ghats and the essence that we carry in our hearts as Banarasiya, or people of Banaras. Watch the documentary on YouTube: 

These are our top picks for you to understand, feel and experience Banaras in the easiest and most accessible way possible. If you find any more beauties that are worth watching, do let us know. And if you are a Banarasi yourself, tab toh kya hi kehna! Enjoy the bits and snippets of our beautiful city crafted brilliantly in these gems. 

Links : 

1. Subah-e-Banaras :

2. Banaras: Older than History

3. A Whirlwind Journey Through Varanasi, India—and Beyond

4. A day in Benaras

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